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PTA Leaders

Mark Twain is proud and grateful to have many parents, teachers, and community members who are willing to lead our PTA and help us strive for excellence year after year!  

Executive Board

Elected Officers

President: Coordinates work of officers and committees; presides at all meetings; joins all committees; appoints Parliamentarian and committee chairs; signs all payment authorizations; prepares annual report; represents association at council/district meetings; secures approvals for contracts and communications 

Executive Vice President: Primary aide to the president; performs duties of the president in the absence of that officer

VP Memberships: Chairs Membership Committee, plans/organizes annual membership drive (primarily August - October); encourages on-going membership; maintains rosters.

VP Fundraisers: Chairs Fundraising Committee, plans/organizes fall fundraiser (September) and other fundraising projects such as Restaurant Nights, in consultation with the PTA Board, submits report at conclusion of each project.

Treasurer: Keeps permanent books of account and records; chairs the budget committee and prepares the budget for adoption; receives/deposits monies; pays bills; presents report at every meeting; makes annual financial report

Secretary: Keeps an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings; with the President, signs all authorizations for payment; records expenditures in the minutes; conducts necessary correspondence; sends out board meeting notices



Other Members of the Executive Board


Audits the books and financial records of our PTA and presents written reports to the board and association


Manages our newsletter, weekly communication, social media, and more

Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach

Promotes an inviting climate and commitment to involve the entire school community in our programs and activities


Promotes understanding of the purposes and needs of public schools and encourages parent and community participation

Family Engagement

Includes our wonderful family events, grade level representatives, and more 


Includes: Spirit Wear, Book Fair, Jog A Thon, Rewards programs, and more


Includes Teacher Appreciation, Volunteer Appreciation, event refreshments, and more 


Includes: Membership drives, PTA Benefits, PTA Expo, and more 


Includes School of Excellence, College and Career Readiness, Distance Learning, and more

Principal/Administration Representative

Teacher Representative

*Note: The Auditor serves in an appointed position but does not hold a position on the Executive Board