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(310) 675-9134

Please call the school office to give the cause of absences.

“Parent involvement is critical to a student’s success in attending school every day and on time. Sometimes, just talking to them briefly about the importance of school attendance can make a great difference."


School attendance matters!

Mark Twain continues to hold the #1 highest attendance throughout the district.  We achieve this through monthly school-wide and classroom attendance challenges. The three classes with the highest attendance earn double recess, VIP access to recess, and student’s choice. 

When the entire school obtains 97% or higher, we earn a school wide privilege (i.e., universal recess, dance parties, popsicle parties, teacher vs student challenges, etc.). 

In the past, we have hosted attendance booths during A.M. recess to acknowledge those with perfect attendance. However, this year, we will acknowledge students with the most improved attendance every other month during Friday assemblies! These students will be recognized in front of  all students, staff, and families to see! 

In addition, students with perfect attendance will be acknowledged at trimester awards! Lastly, students will also be put into a raffle to support with attendance challenges school wide! 

Thank you to teachers, staff , and parents for continually encouraging our students to come to school every day and on time

Mark Twain Elementary School is committed to providing quality education. In order for your child to benefit fully from their education, it is important that they arrive at school on time every day and in good health. If your child(ren) can not attend school, please notify the front office via phone (310-675-9134) or by completing this form. Your child’s academic success is our first priority, remember, regular attendance can be your child’s key to school success!

Excessive absences

The law states that it is compulsory for your child to attend school. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to obey the law pertaining to school attendance.

Excessive absences or tardiness may result in a SART (School Attendance Review Team) or SARB (School Attendance Review Board) referral. More than 10 absences in one school year are considered excessive. More than 15 absences and tardies will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office. When a student returns to school following an absence, a written note, signed by the parent or guardian, MUST accompany the student if the school office has not already been notified by telephone.

Excessive absenteeism reflects upon the students’ grades and affects how they feel about school, whereas regular attendance is often closely associated with good scholarship and citizenship. Punctual arrival is equally important.

As a reminder, our district policy states that any student missing 3 days of school, unrelated to health concerns, will be issued a District Attendance Letter and this can begin the School Attendance Review Team (SART) process. To learn more about our attendance policies, please visit our district’s website.